helps you find and book the most affordable flights from Uganda to the world

Meet (translated Journey/travel in the local dialect Luganda) a Ugandan one-stop-shop for all your regional and international flights within and from East Africa. Lugendo enables you find affordable flights from Uganda to the World.

Owned by Simba Travelcare Limited, one of Uganda’s leading and reputable corporate travel management companies. According to the Lugendo website, Simba Travelcare is a full member of the International Air Transport Association (IATA) and is currently the only ISO certified travel company is Uganda.

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In booking flights, Lugendo gives a couple of payment options like credit/Debit card, paying at Lugendo ticketing points, direct bank deposit, or Mobile Money which they said would be operational by June 2016. As a company, they provide 24 hour phone support should you have any issues while using their services. (24 Hour Emergency Service: +256 772 222 228/[email protected])


As a platform, they solve a big problem of trying to find affordable flights but unfortunately they cannot solve some issues. Forinstance, even though Zanzibar isn’t so far away, there are no direct flights to the popular tourist destination and as a result, you will pay the same amount to travel to South Africa as Zanzibar.

It would be nice if they could also help people book road transportation to popular East African destinations. Imagine you could book a ride to Mombasa, Zanzibar, Masai Mara without using the bus? Either way, beginning with flights is a good start.


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