Here are the Wi-Fi coverage hotspots in Kampala for NITA-U’s free internet

With about one day about left to go, NITA-U has released the initial coverage hotspots for their #MYUG Free Wi-Fi internet project in Kampala. We have previously reported indepth here, here and here about this much anticipated government project slated for a Saturday 1st October 2016.

NITA-U gets a round of applause for selecting hotspot areas usually with a large volume of people. The various Kampala streets and roads always have pedestrians either waiting for transport or stuck in jam. Being able to pass the time online would be a welcome sight. The clear winners are the tenants at the Bugolobi Flats who will access internet from the comfort of their homes. MUBS was also included although Makerere is curiously missing. Do they have enough internet already?

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The only place we can’t comprehend is Kololo Airstrip. We are not aware of any civilian who can casually chill at that location any time of day or night. Nevertheless, hats off to NITA-U for proving us wrong. They have after all provided the coverage map in time for people to acquint themselves with the hotspot areas.

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Below are Google-mapped coverage locations where anybody can tap free Wi-Fi internet at speeds clocking at 2 Mbps. Whoever is situated at any of these locations from 6 PM only has to turn on their Wi-Fi and connect to #MYUG. A one-time sign-up will request some personal information after which you can access unlimited internet up to 6 AM in the morning.

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Free Wi-Fi initial coverage locations (with Google Maps links)


Bombo Road

Buganda Road

Ben Kiwanuka Street

Johnston Street

Luwum Street

Kampala Road

Nakasero Market

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Kololo Airstrip

Uganda Manufacturers Association (UMA)

Lugogo Cricket Oval

Makerere University Business School (MUBS)

Village Mall

Middle East

Bugolobi Flats


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