Vodafone Uganda’s “For G” promo is giving a monthly 4GB at Ugx 40,000 for life to the first 25,000 customers

Vodafone Uganda seems to be undergoing some some sort of restructuring. This started with the bundles that were changed from what we were previously used to. Shortly after, they launched the “My Vodafone” App and the “Chat +” App that we wrote about separately. They also launched a new youth centric strategy and general company direction.

On of the new things that they have launched is the “For G” product that gives customers 4GB per month at Ugx 40,000. They are also giving a MiFi at Ugx 30,000 (This was previously 170,000) and to top it all up, the first 25,000 customers who sign up will enjoy the offer for a lifetime.

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For G Video

How to Sign Up for the “For-G” Offer

  1. Visit the http://forg.vodafone.co.ug/
  2.  Add your name, number & email then recommend 3 friends adding their name and numbers
  3. Click “Submit”

It is also good to read the Terms & Conditions 


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