GOtv Lite monthly subscription rates hiked by 3K, now at Shs. 8,000

DStv’s more pocket-friendly cousin, GOtv has hiked its rates for the barebones Lite entertainment package after only a week into the new year. In August, GOtv Lite was priced at Shs. 5,000 allowing subscribers access to 18 local and international channels. Fast forward four months later and the home entertainment service provider has hiked the subscription gift boxes rate by Shs 3,000 to Shs. 8,000 for the same monthly package.

Perhaps what’s new is the competitive incentive for those who subscribe for 3 to 12 months in advance. For a 3 months subscription of GOtv Lite, you pay a paltry Shs. 18,000 (you save Shs. 6,000). A 12 months subscription priced at Shs. 50,000 is almost half what you would say if you subscribed on a monthly basis. (you save Shs. 46,000)

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GOtv Uganda slashes prices for the GOtv Lite package, now at 5k per month

The new GOtv Lite rates are;
GOtv Lite 1 month – UGX 8,000
GOtv Lite 3 months – UGX 18,000
GOtv Lite 12 months – UGX 50,000

The direction GOtv is taking appears to be to encourage viewers to commit to a longer subscription time frame at subsidised rates. The bait is enticing; GOtv Plus monthly subscription is at Shs. 26,000, add Shs. 24,000 and you have the whole year covered. Naturally the scope of content varies by a mile. However if local stations especially are what you are after, this would be a sure bet.

Even as GOtv is predictably hiking rates, DStv two months ago added extra channels to its premium packages at no added cost. Asked why DStv was doing it, Multichoice Uganda Marketing Manager Phoebe Nakabazzi is quoted saying, ‘our priority is to put our customer at the heart of everything we do.’ If that is the case, we wonder at the rationale behind hiking what was Multichoice’s cheapest offering.