App Review: Boost your productivity with the Any.Do App

We all have some tasks to accomplish in our lives on a daily basis. Whether you are a student at school, an employee at work, a CEO of a start up or huge firm.

One of the Apps that I would recommend to help manage your productivity is the Any.Do available for Android, iOS and coming soon to desktop. Chrome users can currently access an extension that can sync with their smartphones or tablets even when they are on PC.

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Photo by Any.Do

Photo by Any.Do

Founded by Omar Perchik and team in 2010 the app has been improved to make it one of the leading productivity Apps. The continuous improvement through user feedback has made the latest version simply awesome and easy to use.

What is Any.Do?

It’s a free smartphone app that helps you achieve more by assisting you to plan your daily tasks with customizable and intuitive reminders that beautifully interrupt you to check your progress.

It further helps you break down big tasks into small chunks using sub tasks that are easier to tackle and reminds you about each task as you check it off in fulfilling bigger tasks


This easy to install and use app, simply breathes life into your paper task list giving it a lot of tricks – for example, apart from simply typing in a task, speech recognition lets you speak to type a task and then press the “add task” button.

You can create different folders for different tasks, e.g. personal tasks can be in a separate folder from Work tasks. You can also cross off a finished task by simply swiping across the screen and then when completed tasks accumulate, just shake your phone to clear them up  and leave the unfinished.

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Any.Do Screenshot on Samsung Sll by Perez

The app doesn’t just help you get things done but also get things done in a very colorful way. The user has an option between two beautiful themes of black and white which suits many people. It takes it a notch higher by reminding you about missed calls while giving the option to “call now”, “call later”, “text now” or cancel with smart alerts.

“Plan your day” is a new feature that brings up all the tasks you have that day and asks you to state the times you want the tasks done.  It reminds you to get them done at the time you said you would, and if you are still busy and want to reschedule a task, the repeat/recurring tasks feature allows you to “Snooze” task

The App supports seamless cloud sync which allows you to Sync your Any.Do tasks across your devices and also access them with Google Chrome through an extension or Google Tasks

The app also allows you to back up all your tasks so that if for some reason you lose your phone or are changing phones, you don’t have to worry about your data. You would just sign up and restore and you are good to go.

One of the best things about Any.Do app is the fact that you can share a task with other people on Any.Do so that you can get it done faster.  You can even change the priority status of a task; add a reminder or notes to task or create sub tasks all of which really gives you enough control regarding how you want to get your tasks done. It wraps this entire up beautifully without consuming much of your data


Any.Do Screenshot on Samsung Sll by Perez

Bottom Line:

With all the productivity Apps out there, Any.Do ranks high in user friendliness and functionality. It’s one of those must have apps for people who need a little “Task Fairy” which is also smart.

Download Android version here.

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