Facebook messenger lite is lightweight version of Messenger that’s faster and uses less data

facebook messenger lite

Chances are that you have not installed Facebook’s mainstream messenger app because either it’s too big for your phone or consumes a lot data. But now Facebook has released a lightweight and slightly faster version of its main messenger app dubbed “Facebook Messenger Lite”.

Facebook Messenger Lite is really small — about 10MB — compared to the main messenger App. This means it occupies less storage space on your phone making it install faster. Its small size makes it possible to use on almost any type of Android phone, new or old, including those with the old Android Gingerbread.

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Messenger lite is not only smaller, but it’s also designed to be data efficient.  You can use the app to send instant messages, photos and web links with family and friends while saving on your mobile data.  More than that, the app is meant work with slow networks such as 2G or unstable internet connections. So you don’t always have to be on 4G or 3G to stay connected.

The app has currently launched in South Africa so it’s not currently on the Google Play store for everyone. The Logo is blue bolt against a white background which differentiates it from the main one that has a white bold against a blue background. Users outside of S/A can obtain the App APK from third party stores such as APKMirror.

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