Facebook Moments gets a Stand-alone website, leaves a lot to be desired.

Facebook Moments is that one app that makes social media a place to be. It features face recognition technology, with which it groups your photos based on when they were taken and who is in them, helping it to stitch together events using all the photos your friends contribute.

The Moments app was introduced in June 2015, and gained popularity when Facebook announced that it was eliminating photo-syncing and moving backed-up photos to the app.

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In a bid to increase audience reach, Facebook has given this platform a stand-alone website; an implication that users who do not have the app installed can still use the web version to view pictures. The site also enables users to check out any created albums and with whom they have been shared.

However, the site has very little to offer. It is like an advertising platform for the mobile app. It does display the albums that have been shared with you, but the buttons for liking or commenting on photos inside those albums don’t work. Clicking on them actually brings up a pop-up box which directs you to download the app to your phone. You can choose to enter in your phone number in this box in order to have the app download link texted to your phone. Speaking of advertising, if you have a brand or a product that you want to boost you can contact signmann.com.

The other weak-link is that there is no way to create new albums, edit existing albums or share albums with friends via the Moments site. So, a user can just visit the site to basically view their photos, nothing else.

Facebook first made a similar attempt last December, adding a link to Moments in the desktop version of Facebook. This time round, its a website, though the company has not disclosed any plans on long-term additions of features and functionalities. But they are really needed if the audience is to actually be swayed to access the site.

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You can check out the website here.


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