5 things you can do with your smartphone that you probably didn’t know 

The smartphone has come of age. It’s barely the brick phone you used to know that could only text, call and probably browse the web. With a few apps or settings, you can turn your phone into a digital equivalent of a Swiss knife.

Now we already know you can play games, music, tweet and Facebook,  but here are  things that you may not know your smartphone can do.

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1. Read text by voice

When you’re not in position of reading or lets say you have a sight problem,  text by voice feature might be of a great help to you. To access it, tap settings on your phone – accessibility and then enable “Text to Speech Output”. If you don’t see this feature you can download apps from store such as Pocket for Android, SpeakEasy and others.

2. Take multiple photos at once

There are features that can allow you to take multiple photos with your camera such as “Fast Burst or Burst Shot” and have a selection to choose from. To use this feature, tap your camera – go to camera settings and turn on burst shot. After you can tap and hold the capture button to take multiple photos.


 3. Monitor your heart rate

Some smartphones such as Samsung galaxy S5 and  S7 have been advanced in hardware. They have integrated heart monitors that can help you monitor your heart health. But there are apps that can also help you monitor your heart rate such as Insta Heart Rate

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4. Scan documents

Scanning documents with your phone is a simple task and probably gives you  good results. Although  scanners maybe more effective when you have a lot of documents to scan, they are at times expensive.  So if you don’t want to spent a lot of money you can use your smartphone.

Install the Google Drive App  or the  Genius Scan app for IOS.

5. Measure speed, height and distance

Did you know that you can measure the height of buildings, speed of people and moving objects with your smartphone. There are several apps you can use to measure anything through your camera lens. Here are some recommendable  apps to help you do this. Speed Gun and Smart Measure Pro for Android users. IOS users can use Speed Clock


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