7 recommendations for wireless headphones that will work great with your device

We know not everyone owns an iPhone 7 which ships with wireless Airpods. But wireless headphones are for everyone including those owning Android phones such as the Galaxy S7, HTC M10, Huawei and Tecno phones. Compatibility is important which means your headphones should work seamlessly with just about any phone.  Whether you are getting a gift for your loved ones or you want to get rid of those wires, here is a list of 7 recommended brands of wireless earphones that will work great for you and your device.

1. BOSE QUIETCOMFORT 35: these are market leaders in noise-cancelling. They are for broad and clear soundstage, have a very long battery life and are quick with hassle-free pairing. They are very simple looking in design but after using them, you’ll overlook that. They are available in black or silver and you can always research online where to buy them. Just be careful not to be conned into buying duplicate ones.

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2. SONY MDR-1000X WIRELESS HEADPHONES: these are a stellar pair of headphones with a quick attention mode, noise cancellation, lengthy battery life, LDAC codec for brand loyalties. The only downside, it’s a little expensive. LDAC is an audio coding technology developed by Sony that enables the transmission of High-Resolution (Hi-Res) audio content even over a Bluetooth connection.

3. SONY MDR-ZX770BT: they have a long lasting battery life, cool design, with a bunch of features, premium build, comfortable fit and very affordable. The downside is they have a cramped soundstage and very light on base.

4. JAYBIRD X2: these are sporty headphones that are great for casual listeners too. They are a hassle-free in-ear headphones with ease of use and include goodies more than make-up for the cost. (Sorry ladies, no pun intended). Strong value, minimalistic design, works on both IOS and Android with a very good battery life.

5. SENHEISER MOMENTUM WIRELESS: these have incredible audio fidelity backed by a serious price. Very comfortable, rugged build, best in-class sound and an everlasting battery life. Downside, finicky multifunction buttons and very painful to on your pocket.

6. PLANTRONICS BACKBEAT PRO 2: these have a great sound quality and good active noise cancellation. Incredible battery life, multi point Bluetooth, amiable sound and very traveller friendly. The only downside is the bass on this thing is very loud and the design is not very up-class for some people.

7. BEATS X-WIRELESS EARPHONES: these are a solid pair of in-ear headphones with a snug but comfortable fit, quick charge time and a balanced sound signature. Although they are relatively expensive and lack in clarity.

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But who are we kidding here?! Are you really going to notice all this once you have your headsets on and dancing to the tunes you’re hearing? As long as the music is clear, you won’t even think about sound quality or sound stage. The only thing you’ll notice is how sleek the headsets look once placed on your head and in your ear. You won’t think about the battery life until you play all the juice out of it.

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  1. Then you added beats at the end!
    It was something beautiful.
    Oh well nobody is perfect.
    The price of Sony is just right. You get quality.

    • Hahaha, so you don’t like beats?! Well it seems you know a lot about wireless headphones.. Sony especially. But I’m glad you say it’s not expensive. Thank you again for your comments and taking time off to read the articles. Keep them coming, and your input is readily appreciated.

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