Vodafone Uganda is giving away free data for a month in Mukono and Seeta during the Vodafone 4G Hour

There is nothing as exciting to Ugandans such as free data, they would do almost anything to stay connected most especially when the connection speeds are good. Vodafone Uganda seems to know that and as such they are giving away free data to residents of Mukono and Seeta every Monday, Friday and Sunday during what they are calling the Vodafone 4G Hour.

For only an hour, customers can access free internet to browse, update their apps, chat, watch videos among others on a high-speed 4G connection. The offer is valid from the 16th of June to the 14th of July and works between 7am – 8am on Monday and Friday, then every Sunday between 9am – 10am.

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This follows the recent expansion of Vodafone 4G sites to cover more of Kampala and Mukono as we reported. With the wider coverage, Vodafone customers can now enjoy high speed internet in many more places other than Kampala.

How you can access the Free Vodafone 4G Hour Internet

First you have to be a customer with a Vodafone SIM card in your smartphone, MiFi or router. When the 4G hour clocks, all Vodafone customers, with a smartphone, MiFi or router will automatically get free internet at high speeds with no need for coupons, logins or anything for one hour.

When Does it Work

Every Monday between 7am and 8am  – free data starting Friday 16th June 2017 to 14th July

Every Friday between 7pm and 8pm  – free data starting Friday 16th June 2017 to 14th July

Every Sunday between 9am and 10am  – free data starting Friday 16th 2017 to 9th July


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