The 4G Weekend Bundle from Vodafone Uganda is perfect for keeping you connected over the weekends.

Vodafone Uganda has released another data bundle named the “4G Weekend Bundle”, that gives you 2GB of data valid for the weekend at only Ugx 20,000. Over the weekend, people want to stay connected as they unwind and prepare for the new week. It is the time that people take to catch up with their favorite series, hang out with friends, family among other things. It is also not surprising that most of these activities are facilitated by data as people share events and memories.

With no internet, there will be no Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, YouTube, Netflix, Whatsapp or whatever your poison is. So finding a suitable data bundle to keep you connected becomes vital. It is at that point that we begin to look at cost versus volume versus speed but thanks to Vodafone Uganda, there is a bundle specifically designed to keep us connected over the weekend

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If you are like me, your wife, daughter and friends will all be asking for the password to your MiFi or router so that they can stay connected. For those that have WiFi at work but not at home, this 4G weekend bundle is perfect for keeping you connected.

How the Weekend 4G Bundle Works

This bundle can be purchased from Monday – Sunday but used during the weekend from midnight 00:00hrs on Saturday to 23:59hrs on Sunday.

If you have a pre-existing bundle and you load the 4G weekend bundle, it will take priority over the weekly and monthly bundles.

5 ways the 4G weekend bundle can work for you

  • Keep you connected so you can chat with your friends and family, catch up with some work emails or even study online.
  • Entertainment + Social: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snap chat, YouTube, Netflix and Whatsapp
  • Works best for home so internet can be shared among multiple devices or people. You can connect your smartphone, Tablet, Smart TV or laptop.
  • Easy to purchase and monitor.
  • Affordable

How/Where to pay for the 4G Weekend Bundle

All Vodafone customers have convenience in the palm of their hands with the My Vodafone app available for iOS, Android and Web. Using the app, one can find the nearest store using the “Find a Store” feature,  top up airtime, data and monitor usage among others.

The app also allows you to recharge airtime and data via credit/debit card. With the convenience of topping up anytime or anywhere. Customers can also Top Up airtime and data from any of the Vodafone partners (over 4,700 partner locations and growing) Some of them include, PayWay, Pebuu, NewPay, PesaPal, Ug Mart, Yo Uganda, Quickteller, True African, Micro Pay, Intelworld, Tradelance, Selcom, Shell petrol stations and DSTV outlets.

Editor’s Note: This is a sponsored post

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