Kwese Play is like an internet-enabled decoder for your TV

Kwese Play is an upcoming device, powered by Roku, which works via the internet and enables you to watch television as well as any other video on demand services. It is a product independent of the Kwese decoder though one can use both simultaneously.

Roku is a TV software with the ability to stream the internet channels and makes all these channels available on one platform.

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Upon launch, the Kwese service will bring to you more than 100 channels, as well as access to a lot more content. A user will have access to hundreds of content from different content providers such as Ted, Plez, NBA, Bloomberg TV, tunein, etc apart from the Kwese content.

Kwese play

The platform gives you access to multiple applications like those mentioned above, from which you can stream using the internet.

How does the Kwese Play  work?

Basically, you will have to connect the Play “decoder” to your TV, and be able to stream the different content. You might also need to know that the content is streamed via 1080p as well as 720p.

You will need steady internet connectivity as the Kwese Play is accessed through use of the internet. We recommend that the connection be uncapped because of data consumption associated with live streaming.

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You will be able to stream a lot of live content free of charge, and a user will not only view 60 plus Kwese channels, but also content from other providers as stated above.

The only ones that would be unavailable would be Netflix and Kwese Content, unless subscription is paid.

What else can the Play “decoder” do?

While you can be streaming using the Kwese Play, it can also work as a wifi modem , as a phone charging portal, and micro SD slot, USB port which will allow for streaming from external drives.

When is Kwese Play available?

Currently the Kwese Play facility will only be available in South Africa, at R1499 upon launch in selected stores. But as it launches in other countries, we will update you on the prices.


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