SanDisk has released a 400gb microSD card and it costs more than some smartphones

Because your smartphone is somehow an iPod or a portable media player, it’s imperative that it has big storage to accommodate all your multimedia files. And it’s not just videos and photos that are getting better, even android Apps are now bigger. For instance, the latest Facebook App is an eye-popping 200MB in size.

Flash Memory giant SanDisk has today announced a new 400 GB microSD card which by far is the biggest in the market at price of $250. The new SD card beats SanDisk’s 256GB microSDXC UHS-I Memory Card which was going for roughly $200. Other vendors such as Samsung have got 256GB microSDXC UHS-I Memory Card at about $249.99, but they are no match to SanDisk’s latest entrant.

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While you might land a smartphone with up to 256GB internal memory, it might still not be enough on top of coming at hefty prices. The solution is to buy a smartphone with moderate internal memory but that supports bigger external memory via micro SD cards.

Android M enabled SD cards to be treated much like internal storage of the phone. This meant apps can directly be installed on the SD card, as can photos and videos be stored there.  The latest versions of Android can support external SD cards of up to a whooping 1TB. Before buying these monstrous SD cards though, check the maximum external phone storage that your smartphone model supports.


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