YouTube is making it easier to live stream content with Real-time interactions

The YouTube upgrade is still in fast motion with new updates brought in to YouTube Live. The target group is the creators who desire to link up with their fans and followers during moments that matter. Google is showing its commitment to making live content creation easier and more accessible by launching new improvements to the platform.

In a blog post, the new tools to make live chat moderation easier were announced, as well as a statement on using the iPhone and iPad to live stream directly from many popular apps on YouTube Gaming.

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The new announcements include the use of Inline moderation, reviewing messages, and using hidden user lists, as well as a low-latency option for users.

Ultra-Low Latency

The low-latency option allows a user to quickly receive and respond to incoming chat messages, talk of doing so within just a second. This allows streamers to have more real-time interactions yet without killing the fun that comes with it.

Inline moderation

The Inline moderation feature will let you quickly and easily preside over your chat feed by simply pressing and holding the “alt/option” button on your keyboard to pause/play the chat feed. Once the feed is paused, you can hover over messages to remove or approve them with a single click. You can as well entrust a moderator for your live chat, giving people you trust the ability to remove, flag or hide messages.

Reviewing messages

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You can hold any inappropriate messages for review by opting-in, as any chat messages identified by the YouTube system will be held from posting on your streams, then you decide whether to approve, hide, or report them just like it is done with comments. As you review more messages the system will get better at identifying the types of messages you want to hold for review. If you want to block certain words or phrases, you can do that too.

Using Hidden user lists

Shared hidden user lists lets your moderators use the same hidden users list across comments and live chat. And in the future hides will work in both live chat and comments.

“Regardless of whether you’re streaming your summer vacation shenanigans from your mobile phone or a battle royale of your favorite game from your desktop, we hope these new tools help you do more with YouTube live and deepen the connection with your viewers,” concluded Kurt Wilms, the YouTube Live Product Lead.


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