Jumia Uganda adds Card on Delivery to its list of Payment options

Jumia card on delivery

Most of you already have cash in the bank. When you want to pay for goods and services, you have about two options; withdraw the cash from an ATM or from the banking hall and then pay the vendor physical cash. Or you could pay with mobile money if you have enough money in your mobile wallet and if the merchant accepts Mobile Payments.

Jumia Uganda, the online retailer is now giving you a third option; pay with your bank ATM card dubbed “Card on Delivery”. It works just like cash on delivery where you pay physical cash when the item is delivered to your premise, except this time you use your card to checkout.

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The Jumia delivery guy comes your product along with a Point-Of-Sale(POS) terminal similar to those you have seen in major supermarkets and restaurants. You then swipe your card on the machine, enter your PIN and if you have enough funds in your bank account, the transaction is successful. A receipt is delivered to you along with your item before the delivery guy leaves. It’s kinda like the supermarket coming to your doorstep.

Jumia says they’ve partnered with Barclays for their Card on Delivery service which accepts Master card, VISA, Maestro and American Express. All charges included in the transactions depends on the card and bank you use.

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For Jumia Card-On-Delivery(CoD) is obviously more secure and convenient for them as their delivery agents no longer have to deal with the risk of moving with physical cash. For you, card is obviously convenient since you don’t have to have the actual amount of money with you at time of delivery. CoD joins Cash On Delivery along with Mobile Money as key payment options available on Jumia.

Image: Jumia Uganda Facebook page