UHMG’s The Zone web portal looks to give young people the Good Life

In a fast growing world,  where information is written allover the walls in electric ink, it is no longer a necessity for the youths to seek knowledge from the elderly. Google, social media, and e-learning is the order of the day, and from there only can you pass on graspable information to this dot-com generation. Uganda Health Marketing Group (UHMG) is not sitting back on this, and it is driving us into the Zone.

The Zone is a web portal that provides age appropriate sexual and reproductive health information to guide young people in making smart and informed decisions to enable them actualize the Good Life.

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While wishing to make informed choices in life, many youths tend to test the depths of their curiosity by trying out on luck, but end up falling in deeper pits. What UHMG is seeking to do is to provide a reasonable access to whichever information an individual could wish to know minus having to undergo any form of risks.

The site gives answers to questions of the most disturbing issues of teenagers transforming into adults such as body changes, personal development,  and social living.  There are a series of real life stories available, told in a direct language for a mature person to understand.

The Zone homepage requires you to feed in your birth details. This is to ascertain if you are of age because, like I have stated, the content of the site is rather for the mature.  If your birth date does not tally with being 18, you will not have access.

Once you are granted access to the site, you can then create a profile if you are a new user, with your personal information as required or your facebook account,  after which you can login if you are already registered. Successful login will let you easily access all the information available on the website.

Try it out,  there is a lot to learn.


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