Buy Maurice Kirya’s Free Dreams album with Mobile Money. We show you how

Ugandan  R&B/Soul singer Maurice Kirya released his album on October 27 2017. The celebrated award winning artist is known for his unconventional and soulful style that has captured the hearts of many fans across the world. Maurice Kirya is also known for using technology to promote his brand and music. He has successfully pulled off album launches and concerts entirely using social media and digital with no offline advertising. He is also one of the few artists who have their music selling globally on iTunes, Deezer, Amazon and Spotify.

For his latest album Free Dreams, Maurice partnered with Sula Pay to make the album available for purchase and download using Mobile Money. The album which got released on the 27th of October will exclusively go on sale in Uganda via SulaPay, who help merchants sell their goods and services and receive the payments via Mobile Money. This will make his album readily available to millions of fans who are using Mobile Money. 

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Sula Pay also processes payments on delivery for Jumia Food and Jumia Market. And is currently on a recruitment drive to on-board merchants to accept Mobile Money as a form of payments. You can download Free Dream for only UGX. 10,000 using MTN and Airtel Money Here or see instruction on how to download below. 

How to Buy the Free Dreams Album using Mobile Money

1. Go to
2. Enter your Airtel or MTN Mobile Money number and press the cart sign on the right of the Phone number.
3. Wait to receive a request to enter your PIN on your mobile phone.
4. Authorize the payment.
5. After paying successfully a download button will appear on Sulapay page.
6. Download the album and enjoy the music.
7.  Tweet your best song and mention @mauricekirya

You can also buy the Free Dreams Album on iTunes 


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