A Guide on How to Sell the stuff you no longer need on Jiji

As time flies over the years, the things you once craved to have slowly become of less use and minimal need to you. Lucky for you, there are people that will need such stuff more than you do, and they are not any far away. Platforms like Jiji connect people to buy, sell or exchange used goods and services while making it fast and easy for anyone to post an item or service through their mobile phone or on the web.

So, before you dump off that used stuff, you can let people know about it in a few steps. Who knows? You could make some good cash off it!

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Getting started on Jiji

Download the Jiji app, if you have space on your smartphone or you can opt for the web platform which has been improved to be sleeker and more responsive. You can log in with either your phone number of Facebook, and from here edit your profile information as well as verify the account.

Posting an Ad

  • On the Jiji app

If you are using the app, tap on the camera icon in the bottom right corner on the app, and write a title for your ad. Choose a category and subcategory. Take and/or upload up to 8 photos of what you’d like to sell and set your price. It is best if you take as many photos as you can because the more you upload, the faster you’ll sell. Tap on Post now.

You can as well add a description and number, by tapping on Add info below to get more response at the bottom of your screen, add description. Use your current location or set the location you prefer, add your phone number. Tap on Update Ad.

  • On the site

On the site, click on the camera icon in the top right corner on the site. Upload up to 8 photos.  Fill in title in the “I’m selling” section, set your price, and enter your location. Click on Continue, choose category and subcategory. Preview your ad, or add number and description before clicking Continue.

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Rules that must be followed:

  • Jiji has set rules that must be followed.
  • Photos shouldn’t have any watermarks.
  • All items and services must be available in your location.
  • All items and products that break the law are strictly prohibited.
  • Any form of multi-level marketing (i.e. pyramid schemes) is not allowed.
  • All ads must be clear, factual and not offensive in any way.
  • All items must be posted separately, except for sets e.g. shoe and bag set, dining set etc.
  • Ads must have clear and factual descriptions. In the end, you’re trying to sell something.
  • Ads that link to third party websites in aren’t allowed.
  • Duplicated adverts aren’t cool. Or allowed.
  • Ads looking for friendship, relationships or donations aren’t allowed either.

Ad Lasting Period

Ads remain on the Jiji site for 60 days before you’re prompted to republish the ad for another 30 days, after which it automatically gets deleted. You also have the option of deleting the ad or marking it as sold after the product or service has been sold. This lets buyers know you’re a trustworthy person to buy from.

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If you have not sold your item after 60 days. You can take a look at the ad by editing the title, price or description and adding more photos to increase your chances to sell your item faster. You can compare your item with similar items posted on Jiji. Once you’ve figured out the winning formula, post a new ad.


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