Cloud Computing & Information Security Conference, CCISC 2013 is here

Cloud Computing & Information Security Conference, CCISC, 2013, brings together African enterprises, telecommunications, and innovative & agile service providers/vendors from the IT world, all under one roof. CCISC 2013 provides attendees with a unique arial view of the Cloud & ICT Security industry, offering the chance to learn from and network with the attending key players. CCISC,2013 will be held from the 24th – 26th of July 2013, in Harare, Zimbabwe at the 5 star luxury hotel Meikles Hotel.

CCISC, 2013 will see the convergence of virtualization and ICT experts, speakers, delegates and exhibitors from enterprises, telcos and organisations from across Africa. CCISC, 2013 will provide a platform for the delivery and sharing of key technological and innovative developments on a silver platter for organisations in attendance so that they can offer an enhanced virtual services platter for their consumers. Just as the cyber world keeps people connected, CCISC, 2013 will see a networking and meeting place of Africa’s ICT key players and personnel. Every organisation, big or small, with a computer, internet and mobile devices who understand the power behind a single click will be in attendance at this exclusive, informative and innovative gathering of TECHNOLOGY!

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You can benefit from meeting other industry players and networking

You can benefit from meeting other industry players and networking

Information and Communication Technology is a booming industry across Africa with new innovations and developments being accomplished daily. As such, CCISC, 2013 presents African organizations the opportunity to learn from experts from across Africa on key elements in maintaining, developing and safeguarding their technological advancements. CCISC 2013 will feature a vast and relevant array of topics relating to Cloud computing and ICT security, delivered by experts in the various fields. Topics such as; “Business transformation through the cloud: Fact or fiction?”, “When Will Africa’s IT Staff be Ready for the Cloud Challenge?”,  Current trends in Information Security & Implications for business continuity planning”  and “Integrating Information Security with world class physical security: what can we learn”. These topics will be covered by ICT specialists such as Michael Mbuthia who is the Chief Information Security Officer at the Co-Operative Bank of Kenya and Kim Anderson, an expert in Cloud Enablement at CXO Advisor in South Africa, Beza Belayneh, a High Level IT & Information Security Consultant for governments and organizations as well as Craig Rosewarne who is the Managing Director for Wolfpack Risk along with other expert speakers in various topics from across Africa.

Come and join experts from across Africa and be part of the drive and platform to educate the rapidly advancing organizations in Africa as a whole. LET THERE BE TECHNOLOGY AND INNOVATION! Visit for more information and follow CCISC 2013 on Twitter @ccisc2013 for regular updates and announcements.

Editor’s Note: This is a press release from Eventus Worldwide which is organizing the above conference which the TechPost is a proud Tech Media partner. For more information, please visit their website and follow them on Twitter  @ccisc2013. You can also email them using the address, [email protected] or call +27 11 051 5889, +27 79 784 4656 and for those looking for Partnerships and Sponsorship opportunities contact email them using [email protected]

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