#SurfMore: MTN Uganda slashes Data rates. These are the new rates

MTN Uganda

The data wars have well and truly begun. MTN Uganda didn’t give Airtel Uganda even a day to gloat over their much cheaper revised data bundles. Fast playing catch-up, MTN Uganda data rates now reflect what Airtel has on offer. On the surface at least.

You know what they say: when elephants fight, the chickens rejoice at the meal of worms in the upturned soil. Or is that what I say? Well then, we expect the collective 20 million subscribers on both networks to jubilate at these data revisions.

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In true Ugandan style, the Hashtag wars are now a thing too. MTN’s #SurfMore is battling Airtel’s #DataBlastaForEveryone. Who does it better? We’ll leave that to you.  With #SurfMore, you get 40MB for UGX 500 revised from 20MB, 100MB from 60MB for UGX 1,000 and 300MB from 125MB for UGX 2,000. All these are valid for 24 hours.

Check out the tweet MTN push through on their Twitter handle:

MTN Uganda New Data Volumes

FrequencyNew data volumeOld data volumePrice
Daily40MB25MBUGX 500
100MB60MBUGX 1,000
300MB125MBUGX 2,000

From what we can tell, these new data bundles are only cosmetic. On the surface, they are a phenomenal revision. But unlike Airtel’s more comprehensive reductions, MTN Uganda only changed the daily bundles. The weekly, monthly and quarterly bundles remain the same.

For instance, MTN’s monthly 5GB bundle goes for UGX 90,000. The same goes for only UGX 30,000 on Airtel. Let’s hope this is simply an oversight, and over-eagerness to announce the new data bundles before the machines got a memo. Otherwise, we are not so amused. Daily bundles are well and good, but what of those who want actual data to use on their PCs?


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