The Medical Concierge Group introduces a healthcare search Engine in uganda


Long before today, the only way for one to access a doctor was visiting hospitals or premises of work with no clear idea on whether their problem would even be solved, but now people are using the internet as an opportunity to access health care.  ICT has drastically reduced the waiting time and costs associated with visiting a doctor including travel and waiting in a queue as well as medical expenses on consultation, treatment and drugs.

The Medical Concierge Group (TMCG) , a Social Enterprise incorporated in Uganda and Kenya since 2012, recently introduced a medical service search platform found at aimed at easing access and enabling people to conveniently find information on healthcare services wherever they are at any time. The Group is a consortium of innovative ventures in the Health Care industry involving Call Centres, Clinics, Ambulances, Pharmacies, Consultancy, Software Applications and a Foundation.

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The move was prompted by clients that have sick relatives at home but are not sure of which hospital they can access healthcare from. An example is Jane Nankya, a mother of 3 children and a resident of Sonde, Wakiso district who was home with a sick child but wasn’t sure which hospital she would go to with the insurance card she had. She later utilised the search platform, through a mere click away on her mobile phone, and managed to locate the nearest place rather than taking a boda ride, inquiring from different health facilities.

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There are many people like Jane that contact the Medical Concierge Group through the different platforms inquiring about specialist, clinics, hospitals and other. Therefore, with this search platform one can easily get served based on their need.

“Our Medical search platform is strictly online that can be accessed via the mobile phone or desktop”, notes Dr. Davis Musinguzi, TMCG Managing Director. He adds that this platform provides information about insurance companies, hospitals in different location, Ambulances, as well as Medical specialists.

“We also hope to take the healthcare sector in Uganda a notch higher through the use of digital technology as well as create impact.”

The Healthcare Search Engine

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On the site, you are able to find medical services such as specialists, ambulances, insurance services, hospitals, registered pharmacies, and medical doctors to come to your assistance. There is also a section for those facing domestic violence with a provision of health attendance, legal service, shelter and funding for victims, psycho-social services and toll free numbers to contact for help.

The list availed is detailed with contacts, working hours, addresses, and all any useful information that you can actually rely on for assistance.

TMCG also has a Medical Call Centre that provides free access to a Doctor, Pharmacist and other Health Professionals 24 hours a day, 7 days a week at no extra cost than the routine tariffs for anyone seeking a health consultation. This is done through a voice call, SMS, email, video chat or social media. These consultations may result into resolution remotely, a referral to a medical facility or dispatch of an ambulance service.

The Call Centre has the capacity to handle 30 simultaneous calls at any one-time translating to over 8000 calls a day. TMCG call agents are licensed and experienced medical professionals with specialized training to provide a quality consultation on phone and onlinein English and several local languages.

The Medical Call Centre also provides premium solutions to Health Organisations looking to increase their client engagement, impact or expand their range of services.

You can visit the search engine or give contact them via WhatsApp on +256790512074.


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