MTN Uganda makes tremendous changes to its Data Bundles. Here are the New Rates

Effective Monday 19th February 2018, MTN Uganda is giving more MBs to its customers in a promo dubbed Everybody likes more of a good thing, with changes made to some of its existing data bundles and some others sent off to retirement.

In a time when data consumption means much more than ever for the digital generation, the customer has become King in the era of Data wars. These data bundle changes come just after the launch of the MTN Pulse, an initiative to grant the tech hungry youths more room for data usage, gaming, and entertainment at rather cheap rates.

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The Daily Bundles will see an increase on the 250/- bundle from 10 MBs to 15 MBs, 40 MBs at 500/-, 100 MBs at 1000/-, 300 MBs at 2000/-, and a GB at 5000/-. For the weekly bundles, 5000/- will get you 500 MBs, 10,000/- will grab you 1.5 GB, and 20,000 will accord you 5 GB.

For the monthly, 25 MBs will cost you 1,500/-, 300 MBs at 5,500/-, 600 MBs at 10,000/-, 2 GB at 20k, 10 GB at 50k reduced from 150k, 30 GB at 100k reduced from 300k. The quarterly bundles are: 2 GB at 30,000/-, 10 GB at 75,000/-, and 30 GB at 150,000/- reduced from 390,000/-. The Basic Unlimited Bundle throttle has also been increased from 1 GB to 1.3 GB per day.

For the MTN Data Share bundles, 2 GB is at 20k, 10 GB at 50k, and 30 GB at 100k.


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The following are the bundles that have been retired by the company.

Bundles to be retired (Bundles are no more )      
1The 1GB Happy Hour1 hour5,000/-
2700MB Daily24 hours10,000/-
360MB Weekly7 days2,000/-
4125MB Weekly7 days3,500/-
5325MB Weekly7 days8,000/-
6700MB Weekly7 days15,000/-
7500MB Monthly30 days20,000/-
81GB Monthly30 days30,000/-
93GB Monthly30 days60,000/-
10100GB Monthly30 days550,000/-
111GB Quarterly90 days39,000/-
123GB Quarterly90 days78,000/-
13100GB Quarterly90 days715,000/-
14Unlimited Night Pack12-6Am every day for 30 days99000

The following are the changes to the existing bundles.

Changes to existing bundles      
#Old Bundle ResourcesNew Bundle ResourcesOld PriceNew PriceValidityActivation Mechanic
1550MB Tooti60MB500/-maintained  500/-1 Hour*150*#
1610MB Daily15MB Daily250/-maintained  250/-24 Hours*150*10#
17325MB Daily1GB Daily5,000/-maintained  5,000/-24 Hours*150*10#
18100MB Monthly300MB Monthly5,500/-maintained  5,500/-30 Days*150*12#
1910GB Monthly10GB Monthly150,000/-Reduced to  50,000/-30 Days*150*12#
2030GB Monthly30GB Monthly300,000/-Reduced to  100,000/-30 Days*150*12#
2130GB Quarterly30GB Quarterly390,000/-Reduced to  150,000/-90 Days*150*13#

These are the changes to the Unlimited internet pack throttles.

Changes to the Unlimited Internet pack throttles   (Limit has increased from 1GB to 1.3GB per day )      
#The Unlimited Internet PackOld Daily LimitNew Daily LimitActivation Mechanic
22Basic Unlimited Internet1GB per day1.3GB per day*150*55#

These are the Brand new internet bundles.

The New Internet Bundles   (These are the NEW BUNDLES ON THE BLOCK)      
#BundleValidityPriceActivation Mechanic
24500MB Weekly7 Days5,000/-*150*11#
251.5GB Weekly7 days10,000/-*150*11#
265GB Weekly7 days20,000/-*150*11#
27600MB Monthly30 Days10,000/-*150*12#
282GB Monthly30 Days20,000/-*150*12#
292GB Quarterly90 Days30,000/-*150*13#



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