Taxify Introduces a New Category: Taxify XL for 6-Seater vehicles

taxify xl

Have you wanted to move out with your buddies without having to keep apart, yet the only means of available transport can accommodate a maximum of four? Now, with Taxify XL, you can move around easily with friends and family without splitting up! It is just one car, 6 seats!

XL is the Taxify Uganda’s latest car category, where users as many as six can order for a cab or SUV to pick them up from their locations, and drop them off to a destination.

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Popular for the insane discounts on rides for users, and having a rather handsome handout to their drivers, Taxify is enjoying a recognizable share of customers in the industry. And with crowds propelling for ride sharing, an announcement of a new offer could make the deal just a better one.

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The ride hailing company that was started in Estonia in 2013, has expanded into over 20 countries including Uganda where it operates in Kampala.

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Uber initiated the category sometime back, where a group of six or more people, or someone with a lot of luggage, could request for a pick up under UberXL at less costs. Now the competition is on with Taxify XL.

Taxify has also announced a reduction in the fares for Taxify Standard and Taxify XL by 10%, and a 50% cut on Taxify Boda fares.

You can download the Taxify app here to try out the service, or if you are interested in becoming a Taxify XL driver, you can sign up here.


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