What to consider when looking out for phone battery

phone battery

Owning a phone has steadily moved out of being a luxury to being an essential accessory of many people. Telephone communication is the most convenient means of communication through phone calls and text messages. Most recently, phones have been able to be used to browse the internet, been used to take photos, play games among others. With all these uses, a phone needs to be adequately powered and this is done through the use of a phone battery.

There are various types of phone batteries which include; slim cell phone batteries for thinner style of phones, standard cell phone batteries, extended cell phone batteries which are generally thicker, NiCD (Nickel Cadmium Batteries), NiMH (Nickel Metal Hydride Batteries), Li-Ion (Lithium Ion) Batteries and Li-Poly (Lithium Poly) Batteries among others. The battery also needs to be periodically recharged to keep its power. There are various power intensive activities like browsing the internet that drain a phone’s battery faster compared to texting and making normal calls.

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Eventually, the battery weakens and will perform the everyday functions for a relatively shorter time compared to when it was new. At this point, there is an obvious need of a battery replacement. A shorter lifespan and swelling of the battery may be immediate indicators that your battery needs urgent replacement. There are several factors to consider when looking for a new phone battery.

Battery warranty

Many times after buying a phone, companies guarantee the phone for usually one year. If your battery needs replacement during the warranty period, there is no need to look further than the manufacturers. This can help you get an original battery for the phone and also normally is free of charge. You can save yourself the hustle of having to move up and down looking for a battery.

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Battery details

Make sure you know the make and model of the phone and also the type of battery that can work in it. You can go through the phone’s user manual to find out additional information about the battery and manufacturer. If you misplaced or lost the user manual, the information is normally posted by the manufacturers on the internet or you can send an email inquiring about the specific details of your phone. This information enables the user determine which battery type is compatible with the phone you are using.

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Battery Capacity

Is a measure of the charge stored by the battery. It is measured in ampere hours (Amp-hr). it is important that you note the battery capacity that is compatible with your phone before you make any decision to buy a phone battery.

Removable or Non-removable Battery

Does your phone use a removable or non removable battery? This question is vital as it determines which kind of phone battery you are to buy and how you are going to replace it. For a non removable battery, you will have to take it to technicians to replace it for you.

Wireless Charging

Does your phone support wireless charging? It is vital to look critically at the specifications because a phone that supports wireless charging will definitely need a specialized phone battery.

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Third party manufactures

In case the manufactures do not sell batteries individually from the phones, you might opt for third party manufacturers. Also, the manufacturers may not be situated in your location so you will have to opt for third party manufactures. There are various factors you need to consider before actually buying from these manufacturers.

Quality: Most times, the batteries from these third party manufactures are faulty and have a short lifespan. You need to check online for feedback rating concerning a specific battery brand so that you know its customer experience before you make a decision to buy it.

Counterfeit: There is a wide range of counterfeit batteries on the market today. These are untested batteries of poor quality. In most cases they twist names of the original brand in order to confuse buyers. These batteries can cause damage to your phone if used. Therefore, you are advised to purchase batteries from vetted shops and third party manufactures.

The battery must be new. Under no circumstances must you buy an old battery bank. Those old batteries come with their own problems and also a diminished lifespan and therefore can end up damaging the phone and user instead.

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Price and quality

It’s important that you check out basic quality features like battery casing. This can come in handy to prevent the chances of it exploding and hurting you. Also don’t go for very cheap batteries because most of them come as substandard. Choose an affordable but quality phone battery.

We must learn the art of spotting a failing phone battery so that we can be able to get a replacement before the dying battery damages the cell phone plus its user. This in the long run saves many costs that would arise due to cell phone damage and user harm. The above guide can help you find the right battery for your phone and help you avoid counterfeits.


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