Deal: Get the best TV prices on the Jumia World Cup Promo

2018 FIFA world cup

We are in the middle of the year, and the World Cup is already here. It is the time of the year, or of every other four years, that soccer fans get together to celebrate the game, and watch their stars shine. Jumia Uganda is not excluding you out of this celebration, they’ve put up a pre-tournament promotion to gear up fans with exclusive discounts and the biggest deals, dubbed the Jumia World Cup.

In addition to the discounts, fans stand a chance of winning a full month of StarTimes subscription if they share a video of themselves promoting the Jumia World Cup Sale.

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How to choose the right TV on Jumia World Cup

The Football Competition is a quadrennial opportunity for football fans to sit indoor, shout at the top of their lungs and make merry with little or no care about the rainbow outside their actual window. So, why not boost this experience by getting the right TV for the occasion.

You do not need to be an expert or even technical when looking out for a buy to make. There are just about five factors to consider:

Screen Size

The bigger the screen, the bigger the experience, and the bigger the price. If too large your TV can take up too much space, thereby making your living room look smaller than it is. That’s why it’s advisable to opt for something large but wise, affordable and capable of creating your off-screen experience.  The large screens begin from 32 inches and can go anywhere up to 85 inches.


For better contrast and a clearer picture, your resolution should preferably be High Dynamic. A better resolution should be considered when purchasing a TV.


You can’t afford to miss out on that immersive experience of being a part of the show if you do not upgrade your sound by upgrading your TV. The sound must be clear and that’s why it’s advisable to purchase an affordable TV with a Dolby Digital Technology enhanced sound. Anything less would be agony to listen to when watching the Football Competition.


A television is practically a furniture in the home. Just as some furniture are more expensive than others, similarly, some Televisions are more expensive than others. This is why it’s advisable to consider your budget first when looking to purchase a TV set. Also, consider the cost of the TV, as well as its features. If it’s too high and would render you bankrupt then you can do without.  

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A rich display is determined by the colour reproduction and clarity of the image. This adds to the feeling of immersion when viewing images on your TV, and gives you a Live experience.

The Deals:

Here are five affordable TVs that meet every requirement mentioned. They are sorted out of a list including manufacturers like LG, Sony, Samsung and Panasonic, HiSense, and Star Times.

Startimes E32DPL4HHD Full HD, Inbuilt Decoder

Join the game live from the comfort of your home with this Digital LED TV that provides a crisp, clear and vibrant viewing experience. With the Dolby enhanced surround sound, you can join the crowd as they cheer on.

HiSense (2018) HD LED TV, In-Built Satellite and Digital Decoder

For a crystal clear, sharp and vibrant imagery at Full HD Resolution at 1366 * 768, with loud, clear and captivating surround sound, this 32 Inch HiSense is your best bet to a memorable Football Competition Experience.

SkyWorth 32E2A11T HD/LED TV

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Get all the action in this 32 Inch HD Resolutions of 1280 * 720 pixels and Dolby Digital technology enhanced speakers.

Samsung UA32M50000DK Full HD/Digital LED TV

Bring the multimedia experience into your living room and be front role in the action with this 32-Inch-Wide Color Enhancer and HDMI provider.

LG 32LJ520 – HD LED TV

Be live on the field with this 32 Inch Resolution and Virtual Surround Sound provider.

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