SafeBoda slashes Prices by 50%; It’s the new Monthly Madness!


It’s the first of June, and under usual circumstances, SafeBoda customers would be in excitement for the monthly promo that rolls out at such a time – the Monthly Madness. The boda-hailing service is delivering something bigger for this month, and it could be better than the previous promotions.

Unlike in the past, where only those who load credit from their mobile wallets benefit from the brand’s activations, this time it cuts across to even those that have cash on them. The promo is deemed to replace Monthly Madness, with everyone enjoying “the same great experience for better prices, every day on every trip you take whether cash or credit”

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The Pricing

The promotion seeks to slash prices to the bare minimum, by 50%. Customers will have the benefit of traveling to wherever they have been to, at half the price, in addition to having the option of paying by either cash or credit. Those with credit still get an upper hand whereby they enjoy this discount, with an additional 20% off because they have credit.

For example, if you are going from Wandegeya to Serena Hotel, and the price estimate is UGX 3,000. The 50% discount means you will only pay up-to UGX 1,500; and if you are going to use credit, it will be down to UGX 1,200.

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MTN Uganda customers also benefit from the fact that the app is zero-rated on the network. When you want to quickly beat Kampala’s Jam, all you need is a SafeBoda not data bundles. This was after the brand teamed up with MTN Uganda to offer the app completely without internet.

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Safeboda wants to cement its position as the leading Boda boda hailing service in Uganda at a time when both Taxify and Uber added Boda feature to their app. The company is also rumoured to be expanding to Kenya after raising another round of seed funding from investors.


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