You can now Carpool with ease across Kenya with the Twende Carpool App

Ride-hailing apps are really taking off in Kenya, and Nairobi is a prime example of just how viable and lucrative such ventures can be. In Nairobi, we have several players including Uber, Bolt, Little Cab, Safe Boda among many others.

Twende App is also a ride-hailing app but unlike the others, it doesn’t have a registered pool of its own drivers. Instead, it acts as a platform for both drivers and travelers. It seeks to connect people traveling in the same direction – drivers offer the empty seats in their car to other travelers going the same way. This allows people to share the costs of travel and get to their destination comfortably and conveniently.

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Considering that congestion in our cities is a menace that we have to deal with everyday, this kind of initiative couldn’t have come at a better time. Many cities, Nairobi included, restrict public service vehicles within the CBD while at the same time heavily taxing private vehicles that do make it into the CBD.

This means that people who work right in the middle of such CBD’s are forced to walk the entire last leg of their commute into their offices from the designated bus-stops and all the way back at the end of their work-days. Twende could very easily ease this pressure for drivers that opt to drive through their commute by ‘Uber-ing’ their way to work and offsetting some of the parking fees and all.

How Twende App works

If you are driving, Twende connects you with people going in your direction. Simply post the number of seats available in your car and earn savings on the cost of the trip. To offer a trip, set your route, accept booking requests and receive payments seamlessly. 

As a traveler, search the trip that best matches your plans, book and pay, pack your bags and travel comfortably. On your journey, make friends and enjoy great company! Share costs and travel conveniently, all from the same app.

Where I think this service could be most beneficial is in their support for towns and routes outside the city. Should you need to travel up-country from say the city, simply open up the Twende App and search the route you want to travel to see if there is anyone else heading that way.

Should you be lucky enough to find a ride, you could very well save yourself the hustle and bustle that comes with using Public Service vehicles especially for these long trips.

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How to get the App

The Twende App is available on Google Play Store for Android devices with plans to release an iOS version soon.

To download, Go to the Play Store and search for Twende App by Weaver Africa Limited – Twende


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