Facebook is pushing autoplay video ads from News feed to Messenger


In the nearest future if you see autoplay video ads appear in your Facebook Messenger inbox right between messages from friends, don’t get it any wrong. Facebook says they have run out of space to squeeze video adverts into the main news feed and elsewhere in the app; and like you should know, the social media app is a business that runs on paid ads.

The company has confirmed that it is placing autoplaying video ads in the Messenger chat app, and they will start running late June, with a regulation on targeted advertising starting July 2 where users have the choice to stop seeing certain ads.

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Messenger is among the most popular mobile social networking apps, and there have been visible static ads inside the app since early 2017, appearing as a pop up notice, though the increasing number of users could have pushed Facebook into the idea of video ads given they are the bigger money-makers for the company.

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How to do away with them…

You can hide a an ad, report it, or manage your targeting preferences, like on any other Facebook app. If you see an ad that you have no interest in, you can click on “Why am I seeing this Ad” and manage your preference. This however does not mean you’ll be able to opt out of Messenger ads altogether. Facebook says it takes that action into account when deciding what types of ads to show you in the future.

The company states that they will be watching to see how users react and, if the presence of video ads turns them off or makes them dial down how much they use Messenger, they’ll see another way about it.


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