Snapdragon 632, 439, and 429 chipsets: More power and smarter features to budget phones

snapdragon 632

Just a month ago, Qualcomm announced the Snapdragon 710 chip – a chipset designed for manufacturers to create mid-range smartphones with advanced features like AR Emoji, Animoji and Face ID.  The company seems to be working harder on this and is bringing more premium technology advancements to lower Snapdragon tiers, in a bid to transform the mass-market consumer experience.

They have announced three new chipsets in the Snapdragon 632, 439 and 429 Mobile Platforms, engineered to bring higher performance, better battery life, more efficient designs, impressive graphics and artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities into budget smartphones.

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Let’s have a look at each of them.

Qualcomm says that the chipset should offer several performance boosts over the previous generation Snapdragon 626, boasting up to a 40 percent CPU performance boost over the last chip, as well as up to a 10 percent GPU performance boost.

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Snapdragon 439

The Snapdragon 439 is designed to be an excellent option for manufacturers building ultra-budget handsets. It is a replacement of the Snapdragon 430 and comes with a number of great features. Like the Snapdragon 632, it also offers eight CPUs, with four performance cores and four efficiency cores — though the CPUs here are Cortex A53 CPUs rather than the Kryo 250 CPUs in the Snapdragon 632.

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The CPUs here offer a performance boost of up to 25 percent over the Snapdragon 430 while the GPU on the chip, the Adreno 505, boasts up to a 20 percent boost over the Snapdragon 430. As far as camera support goes, the Snapdragon 439 supports up to a 21-megapixel single lens, or an 8-megapixel dual sensor.

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Snapdragon 429

The Snapdragon 429 is aimed at even cheaper phones than the Snapdragon 439. Instead of the eight CPUs found in the Snapdragon 439 and Snapdragon 620, the Snapdragon 429 features four Cortex A53 CPUs, giving it up to a 25 percent performance boost compared to the Snapdragon 425.

The chipset also features an Adreno 504 GPU, which delivers up to a whopping 50 percent GPU performance boost over the Snapdragon 425, and it also supports up to a 16-megapixel single sensor, or an 8-megapixel dual sensor.


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