Infinix Note 6 to launch soon with this latest technology

Infinix Note 6

Missed the Infinix Note series? Say no more. Infinix is about to unveil the Infinix Note 6, a device that will bring science fiction to reality with the Augmented Reality. Infinix Mobility is set to unveil the Infinix Note 6 on 8th July 2019 which includes Augmented Reality, AR measure, and Quick note.

As a tech company, Infinix has demonstrated the ability to set a trend in the smartphone industry with its latest technology. The Infinix NOTE 6 is aimed at providing users with a reasonably priced device with a higher level of technology.

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According to Marketing Manager Ms. Gladys Liu, she confirmed that Infinix is moving from being just a smartphone company to bringing the high technology to everyone at affordable prices. She also revealed that the pretty cool Infinix NOTE 6 is the beginning of greater innovation.

While there are other devices with this tech on the market, the Infinix Note 6 will be the only device below One million Uganda shillings with such great features for everyone.

The Note 6 is a successor of the Note 5 which was launched in Uganda on 25th June 2018. The NOTE series have been known for their big battery, performance power consumption, fast charging among many other remarkable features. The Note 6 will bring back the X-Pen which didn’t feature on the regular Note 5. The X-Pen was last seen on the Note 4 Pro and Note 5 stylus. However, we have received word from sources close to the company that the X-pen on the NOTE 6 is upgraded with more functions.

Infinix Note 6 will be a big battery device

Note 6 will also be big on artificial intelligence. The X-pen will also carry a lot of this AI superpowers automatically detect and connect phone numbers, reminders, alarm clocks from the content recorded. The X-Pen is also rumored to have an Intelligent gesture which can quickly erase the modified content, export pictures/format easily to spreadsheets, word document and easily translate handwritten font into text.

The Note 6 is also rumored to have triple rear cameras, with a 3 days battery life and a tremendous upgrade in the RAM and storage capacity providing a user with space enough to store over 15,000 high quality pictures, videos yet maintaining a smooth user experience without lagging.

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According to the source, the Infinix Note 6 is slimmer than the Note 5 stylus with a more compact design than ever. Most interestingly, the Infinix Note 6 will also feature an AMOLED full view display of 6.01 inches.

What about the processor and battery? The Note 6 will come with a MediaTek P35 Octa-core processor, a 4000mAh power battery. The battery will be strong enough to last up to 3 days on average usage.

With a total of four cameras, the Note 6 is said to come as a package of refined hardware and optimized software for a better-enhanced experience providing an upgraded intelligent official lifestyle.

We shall confirm price and availability, full specs of the Infinix Note 6 when it finally launches. But given this, what feature are you most happy about? Does the about meet your expectations? Are you planning on an upgrade from the Note 5?


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