Kill switch may be coming to your Samsung device this July

If you’re a phone owner, chances are that you’ve lost at least one of your devices either through theft or property loss. Whichever way, phone loss is not uncommon and that’s why Samsung might release a kill switch for its devices this July. A kill switch is a safety mechanism used to shut off a device, in this case a smartphone,  in an emergency situation in which it cannot be shut down in the usual manner.  Since our smartphones hold some of the most private information, then in event that we lose them, we do not want sensitive information to get into the wrong elements that could malice us. This is where the kill switch comes in. With it, you can automatically wipe out all the data on your device remotely when you learn that it’s no longer within your reach.

Apple’s iPhones have been having the feature for some time now, and Samsung devices could soon follow suit. While there have been third party “kill switch” Apps on the Android Play Store, nothing beats the efficiency of an in-built App since it has system-level access that third party applications usually don’t ordinarily have.

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