7 USB Type-C Must-have Accessories for Your Smartphone

The USB-C technology isn’t an entirely new one; it only started getting fully adopted by many gadget and electronics manufacturers and users. Gradually, the used-to-be regular Micro USB ports on smartphones are getting eliminated for the USB-C as almost all the latest mid-range and high-end phones now ship with USB-C. On laptops, USB-C ports are becoming the new USB-A.

Although there are still some problems facing the adoption of the new USB-C port and connectivity technology, its acceptance is blowing out of proportion and, give it a couple of years, it looks like it’s on its way to becoming the standard connectivity options on all our devices.

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Soon enough, with every new smartphone you buy, you might need to purchase new USB-C accessories. But then, one problem sticks: what happens to your old micro-USB accessories. What becomes of your storage sticks with USB end that isn’t Type-C? Do you dispose that box full of accessories because they aren’t USB-C compatible?

To transition to the new technology, you don’t necessarily have to make new money investment on USB-C accessories. Neither do you need to gift out your old USB-A and Micro USB accessories. Of course, except you want to.

If you have a drawer full of micro-USB accessories and a new USB Type-C smartphone, there’s a fix — USB-C adapters. These adapters will convert your old accessories to USB-C and keep you connected. Best part, they are more economical compared to purchasing new USB-C accessories.

Listed below are some of the must-have accessories for your USB-C smartphone.

7 USB Type-C Must-have Accessories

1. USB Type-C to Micro USB Charger

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A new USB-C smartphone doesn’t render your micro USB charger useless. A Micro USB to USB-C charger is what you need. This accessory comes with a USB-C end and a port where you can plug in your old Micro USB charger. It charges your smartphone just as fine (and fast) as a USB-C charger will. Need I mention how cheap it is too?

2. USB Type-C to 3.5mm audio jack

In a bid to make phones slimmer, many manufacturers have been ditching the 3.5mm headphone jack. Apple kicked off the “no headphone jack” trend about 2 years ago when it launched the iPhone 7 without one. And ever since, a handful of OEMs have followed suit.


This also prompted accessories maker to manufacturer dedicated USB Type-C headphones. However, should you have another device (laptop or tablet) with 3.5mm jack, buying a USB-C headphone isn’t logical. What you need instead is a USB-C to 3.5mm audio jack adapter. They are also as cheap as they come and of different types and designs.

3. USB Type-C Charger

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USB-C accessories

If you aren’t a fan of adapters and you prefer having a standalone charger for your USB-C smartphone, you are better off with a USB Type-C charger.

4. USB Type-C headphone/earbuds

Again, if a USB-C to 3.5mm headphone adapter (as in {2} above) is too much stress for you, there are dedicated headphone jacks and earbuds with USB-C ends you can purchase for your device. Some smartphones come with USB-C earbuds/headphones out-of-the-box while some, a 3.5mm headphone and a USB-C to 3.5mm adapter.

USB Type-C accessories

Pixel 3 XL USB-C earbuds (source: AndroidAuthority)

The recently launched Google Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL come with USB-C earbuds out-of-the-box.

5. USB-C to USB-C cable

As many laptops, like the MacBook Pro, are now coming with only USB-C ports, the need for a USB-C to USB-C cable is important for file transfer between your smartphone and your laptop.

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6. USB-A to USB-C cable

With this, you can charge your smartphone by connecting it to any charging brick or power bank. It also comes in handy when you need to transfer files to and from your laptop, desktop, etc.

7. USB-C On-The-Go Adapter


This accessory can come in the form of a cable or an adapter. This allows your USB-C smartphone to act as a host, allowing other USB devices (flash drives, digital cameras, mouse, keyboard etc) to be attached to it.

Optional: Car Cigarette Plug to USB-C

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If you are always in transit, particularly in your own car, this accessory comes in handy. Leave it plugged in your car and you’ll never have to worry about leaving home without your USB Type-C charger, adapter, or a low battery. This isn’t a must-have, though. It’s redundant if you don’t have a car or travel regularly by car.


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