WhatsApp Beta is rolling out support for sticker packs

If there’s one thing I dearly miss whenever I’m chatting on any app other than Telegram, is the support for stickers. I know, emojis and GIFs are the hot items on every social app but stickers!! WhatsApp is the latest messenger to join the game with its own sticker implementation in a beta release. Stickers are already widely popular on smartphone keyboards and many many social media apps.

In WhatsApp beta 2.18.329 (APK Mirror), sticker packs will show up as a third bottom tab when you go to insert emojis or GIFs. They may not be activated right away though, so you might need to wait for a server-side switch or receive at least one sticker in a conversation to trigger them.

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For some people, support for stickers is already live on WhatsApp Web but not on  their phones, despite running the correct beta. For suck people, try sending one sticker in a chat on the web and that should trigger the feature to appear on your device.

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WhatsApp is clearly late to this party and in my opinion, their execution of this is really important. One of the reasons I don’t use stickers in Gboard is because I don’t have time to look for appropriate ones, and I prefer to use emojis or GIFs. I am not sure I will be using Stickers on Whatsapp that much really, but one thing is for sure. Get ready to see a lot more of these in conversations and group chats on WhatsApp.

We are still waiting for the server-side update to unlock this but once they’re available, we’ll be sure to check them out extensively and give you guys a low-down on the same. Are you into stickers? Have you used them on a platform that supports it? Talk to us about your Telegram game below.

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Inpost images courtesy of AndroidPolice


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