Samsung Galaxy S9, S9+ and Note 9 will get Android 9 Pie in January

Samsung’s new user interface; One UI that is still in development is more than just a redesigned update to the widely popular Grace UI. It is Samsung’s new design language going forward and is set to debut with the Android 9 update.

Android Pie for the Galaxy S9, Galaxy S9+, and Galaxy Note 9 will be available in January. This is according to Samsung’s Developer Conference keynote which confirmed that indeed, One UI is expected to land next January. Samsung will also have an open beta for One UI starting this month.

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One UI looks exactly how we expected, i.e it is not widely different from what we saw in Grace UI that we all shamelessly still call TouchWiz. The update takes cues from Android 9 Pie but also has a lot of new Samsung stuff. This will be a huge update for Galaxy S9 and Note 9 users and it’s coming very soon.

Samsung may have sounded a little non-explicit in its announcement but all of the facts point to a January update to Pie via One UI. Even the One UI page on Samsung’s site mentions Android 9 Pie in a footnote — though, again, it’s less than explicit in revealing that’s what it’s based on.

Earlier betas of the One UI have leaked for both the Note9 and S9/S9+, and with them being based on Pie, and Samsung states that the final release for this new UI is expected in January, we’re confident Pie will be making its way to the phones in some capacity — though historically not every model gets timely updates. Either way, set your calendars.



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