Centenary Touch and Bank, a way of accessing banking services using fingerprint

One of the reasons people put their money in the bank is to be assured of its security. Banks are crafting measures to further fortify the finances of their customers and gain their trust. From signatures and PINs to more advanced bio-metric methods such as use of fingerprints. Centenary Touch and Bank is the latest in bank account fortification.

In the banking world, customers put trust in a bank that has measures that improve security of their money and convenience. Most banks have sorted the issue of convenience with agent banking outlets to keep the queues at the banks short and serve customers from more conveniently.

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The reality of account attacks has banks getting more secure measures. Account security based on signatures and PINs has worked for the most part in many banks. However, attackers have learned ways to forge signatures and crack account PINs. This calls for more hard to forge measures such as fingerprints.

Centenary Bank rolled out a fingerprint scanning system across all its branches. With Centenary Touch and Bank, there is no need to worry about forged signatures or unauthorized account access. Centenary Touch and Bank creates a more seamless banking experience for users and reduces risks of fraud.

“Every individual on the planet possesses unique physiological features that can not be duplicated or forged. Our new fingerprint scanning system is able to identify customers accurately through their fingerprints”.

How to register for Centenary Touch and Bank

  • Visit any branch.
  • All you need is either a National ID, Driving Permit or Passport.
  • Have your fingerprint captured.

The use of biometrics in banking is bound to increase because more consumers understand its potential as a predominant method of identifying themselves. Consumers have become accustomed to biometric systems on their smartphones in fingerprint scanners and Face ID. Consequently, these have set the flow for the banking sector where security is a really big deal.


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