Twitter permanently rolls out the chronological timeline sparkle button

Around September this year, Twitter started testing a feature that made it easier for users to see the latest tweets on their feed first, rather than the ones pushed by Twitters algorithm.

The feature is a toggle fashioned as a sparkle icon that lives above the home timeline and it keeps you from having to go into the settings to get a chronological view.

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With this, you have an option of deciding between seeing the latest tweets first or seeing Twitter’s algorithmic based chosen ‘Top Tweets’ when you open the app.

Certain iOS users have had access to this since October, but today Twitter is making the change permanent and rolling it out to everyone on Apple’s platform. Twitter’s Android app as well as its website are getting the new magic button, too, but that will be early next year.

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When Twitter made its algorithmic timeline the default, many users weren’t impressed. And while it has been possible to disable it altogether, now you can switch between that and the pure, real-time feed with a single tap

Once you tap the sparkle icon, you’ll have two options: “See latest Tweets instead” or “Go back Home.” The latter shows you the top tweets on your feed, based on what it’s algorithm thinks you’ll be into.

With this, you can now have the best of both worlds, and you can switch between them as you see fit. When there’s breaking news or a live sporting event, for instance, the chronological timeline may be the best option.


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