Wants To Promote Public Debate Through Available Technologies Uganda

Since January 2011, has promoted community activism about pressing issues through mass media via the most accessible and available technologies in Uganda. uses the power of big data and visualization as a leverage of identifying problems and seeking of citizens’ opinions about particular topics. It consists of a small team of passionate and professional personnel who have a high affinity for civic issues through information sharing and crisis mapping.

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In Africa, Radio is the biggest form of media followed by T.V, and also, there are over 750 miliion mobile subscribers. TRAC-fm cracks this basic fact by complimenting the power of radio and mobile through  toll-free SMS services to allow responses from the public during interactive talk shows.

However, the meteoric rise of social media usage especially in urban centres has, too,  been accommodated by’s constant updates on Facebook and Twitter in real-time.

The technology used is free for all media houses, government bodies, NGO’s and any other stakeholder interested in civic issues.

Watch’s video below;


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