Give your startup a boost with Outbox’s Idea to Seed (I2S) Incubation program

Outbox incubation program

Outbox a technology incubation, collaboration space and innovation hub that supports Techies  to turn their tech ideas that utilize mobile and web into sustainable businesses is inviting applications for their upcoming 3 month incubation program in partnership with Deloitte. The objective of the incubation is to support young entrepreneurs to turn their ideas into products and services while creating startups that are financially viable and free standing.

The incubation hub hopes to  work together with developers and entrepreneurs to develop their ideas into products/services and launch them into market. The criteria for selection includes the following:

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  • Clear understanding of the problem you are solving and the target audience.
  • Idea utilizes mobile and web
  • Understanding of your revenue sources and costs
  • Does the idea have the potential to generate growth in revenues significantly faster than it’s cost base? (Scalable)?
  • Having a product prototype will further increase your chances?
  • To what extent does the solution differ from currently existing solutions?
  • Is that team composed of more than one and ideally not more than 4 founders?
  • The team should be willing to work full time on their idea
  • Complementary experience/knowledge to work on their startup?
  • Resident in Uganda

Team admitted into the program will have the following benefits:

  • Access to a free shared office space they can call their own
  • Legal and tax consultancy services from our legal and tax consultant partner
  • Strategic and business support services from Deloitte
  • Mentoring
  • Fund-raising support

If you meet the above criteria and are interested in applying, you can go ahead and apply from this page or send an email to [email protected].


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