Ubuntu another step closer to the Ubuntu phone with China Unicom joining CAG

China Unicom has joined the Ubuntu Carrier Advisory Group(CAG) to shape the priorities of the Ubuntu team delivering our mobile experience. China Unicom is among the world’s largest mobile operators and has nearly 300 million mobile subscribers.

The Ubuntu Carrier Advisory Group lets mobile operators shape Ubuntu’s mobile strategy. Members receive advance confidential briefings and provide Ubuntu team with industry insight to ensure that Ubuntu meets their needs.

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It seems the Ubuntu phone will aim at providing better user experience and operator support as we can tell from  Li Xingxin, of China Unicom’s terminal research and support center;

Ubuntu can be an exciting new platform for the Chinese market, offering a brand new user experience that balances user simplicity with operator requirements

China Unicom joins Deutsche Telekom, Telecom Italia, Portugal Telecom, Korea Telecom, SK Telecom among others who are already part of the Ubuntu CAG.

The fight for the 3rd spot in Mobile Operating Systems is beginning to heat up after Microsoft made updates to its Windows Phone OS and Mozilla announced its first Firefox OS Smartphone last week, the ZTE Open. Jolla too, the Finnish-based company, unveiled its first device two month back.


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  1. I am all for Ubuntu and Ia m willing to be an early adopter If I can access the devices. The move to merge simplicity with the user experience is definitely something I am looking forward to. So whether its tablets or smart phones I cant wait 🙂

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