Safaricom’s new ‘all-in-one monthly bundles’, all you need to know

In light of recent aggressive pricing of products from Telkom and Airtel, Safaricom is trying to keep up by today introducing a new ‘all in one monthly bundles’ that should see its customers enjoy discounted data and call rates, all in one convenient package.

In a statement on Friday, Safaricom’s chief customer officer Sylvia Mulinge said the packages are immediately available to it’s subscribers via the *544# USSD code.

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“This has been tailored to fit the connectivity needs that our customers face today and allow them to plan based on their budget,” Mulinge said.

The new Bundles

The bundles offer customers a choice of five price options as follows; Sh1,000, Sh2,000, Sh3,000, Sh5,000 and Sh10,000 for a 30-day validity.

These bundles are further customised for different customers based on their needs. Users have the choice of a data only package, a data-heavy package or a voice heavy package.

Users that are a little heavy on data can opt for the data-only packages which have options from as little as 5 GB for Sh1,000, 15 GB for Sh2,000 and 25 GB for Sh 3,000.

Heavy data users who would also like to discount calls can now choose from 4 GB and 200 minutes for Sh 1,000, 12 GB and 600 minutes for Sh 2,000, 20 GB and 900 minutes for Sh3,000.

Safaricom also introduced two new packages offering 35 GB and 1,500 minutes for Sh 5,000 a month and 50 GB and 3,500 minutes for Sh 10,000.

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“This is to meet the growing demand for data as smartphone users transition to heavier app usage,” Mulinge said.

Voice-heavy bundles

For users that prefer to make calls over using data, Safaricom offers the choice of voice heavy bundles, starting at 1 GB and 400 minutes for Sh 1,000.

Other bundles on this option include 3 GB and 1,000 minutes for Sh2,000; 5 GB and 1,500 minutes for Sh 3,000; 10 GB and 2,500 minutes for Sh5,000 and 20 GB and 7,500 minutes for Sh10,000.

Free WhatsApp comes standard with all these packages which effectively allow you access to WhatsApp even after your data runs out before the 30-day period is up.

“By offering the choice of both discounted data and calls in one package, we are empowering our customers with even more convenience and freedom in managing their communication needs,” she said.


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