How to Change or Reset your Safaricom M-PESA PIN

M-PESA has brought mobile banking to the masses and we love it for that. But then we’re Kenyans. We are ‘communal’ people. We share everything, even things that aren’t supposed to be shared, like M-PESA PINs.

So you feel your M-PESA isn’t safe anymore because you have lost track of just how many people know your M-PESA PIN. Worry not, it is rather simple to change your M-PESA PIN.

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How to Change M-PESA PIN.

  1. Go to Mpesa.
  2. Choose My account.
  3. Choose Change Pin.
  4. Put your Old Mpesa pin then press OK.
  5. Put your New Desired Mpesa Pin.
  6. Confirm your New Pin in the next step.
  7. Wait for Confirmation SMS.

And just like that, you’re done. Try not to forget this new PIN. And get ready for a bunch of declined transactions because you’re definitely going to use your previous PIN. I’m still trying to readjust my fingers to the new PIN too.


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