Taxify rebrands: Now called Bolt for speed and reliability

Bolt Taxify rebrand

Taxify, the leading European on-demand transportation platform, is changing its name to Bolt and introducing a new logo. The update brings the brand identity in line with the company’s broader vision of transportation that has already expanded from ride-hailing, with cars and motorbikes, to scooter sharing.

The company wants to curb all the customer issues around ride hailing by being more swift and reliable service.

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“Taxify launched five years ago with a mission to make urban transportation more convenient and affordable. Our first product was a taxi dispatch solution that gave the company its original name. While we’ve made progress on our mission, we’ve also started to outgrow parts of our brand, including the name. Given our ambition to solve transportation problems on an increasingly broader scale, we want the brand to reflect the company’s future rather than the past.”

Markus Villig, CEO and co-founder, Bolt

Speaking at a press briefing at Skyz Hotel Naguru, Bolt officials argued the public to use the services for more speed and reliability and be assured to reach their destinations safe and fast at an affordable price.

  • Taxify rebrand to Bolt
  • Taxify rebrand to Bolt
  • Taxify rebrand to Bolt

According to the company officials, the new name ‘Bolt’ stands for fast, effortless movement – exactly what the experience of getting around in a city should be, be it by car, scooter or public transport. It also lays the ground for the electric future of transportation.

Bolt is trusted by over 25 million customers around the world and it has bases in over 30 countries around the world. It has become the market leader in Europe and Africa the Taxify rebrand will help it serve customers better.

Being a leader in innovation in the ride-hailing business, Bolt (Taxify) was also the first company to bring ride-hailing and scooter sharing together in one single app and is currently working on expanding the scooter sharing service across a number of European cities.

The new brand will be gradually rolled out across Bolt’s global markets in the week to follow. Bolt users will not need to take any action as the app will update automatically.

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