Netflix launch mobile based test subscription

Netflix charging in local currency

In the midst of the Netflix competitions that are about to be launched comes a new added subscription for Netflix fans. The mobile based subscription is being rolled out in India where it has declared to penetrate before now. This will come in handy for users on a budget who mostly access Netflix content via their smartphones or tablets. In addition, the streaming service will also be experimenting with short term subscriptions other than the monthly plan used now. Introduction of weekly and biweekly plans will be seen during this trial period alongside the mobile only subscription.

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It is not quite clear yet if the plan is going to be later made permanent as there is no official statement about the feature yet. The plan costs $3.63 per month which is half the price of the basic plan in the India region. Furthermore, Netflix has made known its intention of offering more indigenous Indian series to further bolster interactive contents on its platform.

This is not the first time we will see this type of plan, Netflix launched a similar plan in Malaysia last year. It is likely to test the new plan in some other territory that Netflix hasn’t made known yet. More so, India has cheaper data rates which have made online activity and streaming consumption go on the rise in recent times. Nonetheless, Netflix is not the only streaming service that offers this type of service with a number of others having a similar plan.

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Even with the ongoing test, not everyone will be able to access the new plan as it would not be available for everyone.


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