Samsung to discontinue Galaxy J series merging it with the A-series.


Samsung is without question the top Android smartphone maker in the market, ranging from high-end smartphones to low budget ones and even has its mark on feature phones. The South Korean OEM’s portfolio includes the long existing Galaxy J budget series, newly formed entry-level Galaxy M series, mid-range Galaxy A-series, high-end Galaxy S series and Galaxy Note series.

Read More: Samsung to discontinue Galaxy J series merging it with the A-series.

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These results in a large pool of smartphones with closely related pricing existing in different categories as it occurs between some Galaxy J and Galaxy A smartphones. For this reason, Samsung has decided to do away with the Galaxy J line and instead make those smartphones under the Galaxy A-line. So far, we have the Galaxy A-series repositioned to offer more affordability along the same time the Galaxy M-series was introduced which makes it a fitting successor to the Galaxy J series. Under this banner, we have the Galaxy A30, Galaxy A20, and Galaxy A10 to mention a few all adopting a similar ideology.

The announcement was made in the new video teasing the Galaxy A50 and Galaxy A30 smartphone on its official Youtube channel. According to the video, the A-series will represent smartphones which have more aesthetics, multi-lens camera, large batteries with fast charging all at a budget price which is something the J-series didn’t really offer. This is very nice because of the evolving market that wants a smartphone that looks good and offers at least some semblance to the high-end ones like multiple cameras, big screen, and attractive looks.

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For Samsung, the J-series doesn’t really come with these set of features, hence, the need to focus more on the A-series that is purported to even offer the infinity display and an AMOLED screen that gives its users a taste of the premium specs. Some of these smartphones will even go as far as having an on-screen fingerprint scanner in addition to all the aforementioned features to make an even more premium experience. This comes at a time where competitions having a similar approach are biting off Samsungs’s market share and prompting this kind of move by the tech giant.


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