iPhone 13, Pro and Pro Max in Uganda: Prices And Where To Buy

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Every year, we see a new iteration of Apple’s ridiculously popular smartphone. This year, it’s the Apple iPhone 13 series, and by now you have probably seen all the YouTube reviews, camera tests, and features. If you are buying, all you care about now is how much will it cost you and where can you can get one near your location?

Well for our readers in Uganda, here are the prices of iPhone 13 and where you can buy them in Uganda. Keep in mind, there are four devices in the iPhone 13 lineup, iPhone 13 Mini, iPhone 13, iPhone 13 Pro, and iPhone 13 Pro Max and our prices cover ranges because of differences in factors like availability, location, vendor, and shipping fee.

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iPhone 13 Price Ranges in Uganda

  1. iPhone 13 ranges between UGX3,800,000 to UGX3,900,000 in Uganda depending on storage.
  2. iPhone 13 Pro ranges between UGX5,600,000 to UGX5,800,000 basing on storage capacity.
  3. iPhone 13 Pro Max ranges between UGX5,900,000 to UGX6,500,000

Uganda doesn’t have a dedicated Apple shop but there are a few places you could consider buying an original iPhone 13 series smartphone. These includes: 

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Physical Authentic iPhone Dealer Shops in Uganda

These are a great place to purchase a phone that’s as costly as an iPhone 13. Why do you ask? Well, you have the opportunity to review the product and have it replaced in case it’s faulty. Shops include Elite Digital, MTN stores, Simba Telecom, Sagebuyers, Premium Gadgets, Smart Trendz, and Ubuy. Additionally, it gives you the chance to bargain on the device you want to buy and see if you can get an offer on it.

Online Stores iPhone Sellers

If you trust purchasing products from online stores, you will be excited to know that you can purchase an iPhone 13 series from Jumia, Ubuy, and Sagebuyer. With these, you will have an opportunity to compare prices to find what is best suited for your pockets.

One thing you need to know is that with foreign stores you might end up paying more because of the importation costs. The most legitimate foreign stores are probably Amazon, Alibaba, and eBay.

Other Options You Could Use to Purchase an iPhone 13 Include

  • Traveling to other countries 
  • Purchasing one at the airport during transfer/ layovers.

The iPhone 13 series is an upgrade from the iPhone 12 specifically in terms of the display, chipset, and camera just a year later. It comes in a number of storage options that are 128GB, 256GB, and 415GB. Let us know in the comment section, your thoughts on how you can get the iPhone 13 to Uganda.

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