Some logos will never change — deal with it

Logos that never change

2 thoughts on “Some logos will never change — deal with it

  1. Well well, nice article and I agree with it to a big extent. However, the nature of business/product determines whether you have the same logo forever or not.
    In support for my feedback am going to look at two products that’s Coca Cola and Windows OS
    Due to the nature of Coca Cola being a refreshment, people will only mind about how it refreshes them and how sweet it is for the most part and for the case of windows OS, people interact with it in more of a visual way and that means they will mind a lot about how it looks like and its look ranges right from the logo up to the way windows and content are rendered.
    Now that explains why its okay for Coca Cola to maintain their logo for even the next billion years but Windows OS can never do that.

    In conclusion I say if a business/product is influenced by visual experience then its okay for it to change logos as many times as possible just to make sure it appeals to almost everyone.

    • Thanks Julius for your insightful views. True, Coca Cola doesn’t change its logo but it invests alot of money in branding. Microsoft, by nature of their products, have to always iterate.Well, we are living in a generation where a product is bought because of it’s icon or logo. However, we have to differentiate between the concepts of branding and logo design much as they seem inextricably interwoven.

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