Multiple accounts and docs supported on Gmail Opera Mini update

Gmail on opera mini

The world’s fastest and most used mobile browser–Opera Mini–has updated Google’s mail client, Gmail.

The Gmail update on Opera mini  embraces a flat mobile user interface, supports Google docs, multiple accounts, tabs and all recently added features on the mobile version. However, given the statical nature of Opera Mini pages; editing  Google docs isn’t possible, the user interface has a lower quality compared to other superior but slower mobile browsers, this is probably because pages are rendered in lite version. Also the mail client suffers glitches in tabs that seem unsure when to respond albeit responding after a couple of attempt and most annoyingly is the infinity scroll that loads only a single because Opera Mini’s poor support for advanced JavaScript. Certainly, these bugs will be fixed as soon as possible. This update follows, Larry Pages’ vision of unification of Google’s online products to follow a particular design philosophy.

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Opera Mini’s design as a condensed browser — it’s servers compress and preformat data– offers a fast mobile browsing experience for over a billion handsets and is very suitable for those with poor internet connectivity. Undeniably, browsing through many sites on the same platform(Opera Mini) saves alot of time and stress of switching to and fro from one app to another.

With this update, Gmail and Opera further assert themselves as top tier industry leaders in enhancing the mobile experience.


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One thought on “Multiple accounts and docs supported on Gmail Opera Mini update

  1. I so miss Opera Mini on my WIndows Phone 8 Lumia. This is a great development given the fact that most of us use Gmail and Google docs(which are supported in Chrome mobile), but bringing this to my favorite mobile browser will keep me hooked!

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