HiveColab receives massive Internet Speed Boost

A tech hub is a community that fosters innovation for technology startup companies. It can be a specific area, or simply a specific building or set of buildings where small startups can rent space alongside each other to share facilities and ideas. In Uganda, HiveColab boasts of being the first ever and the leading technology hub, with innovators mainly depending on the internet to run their businesses.

The number of startups at HiveColab has kept on growing and this necessitated expansion in their facility in terms of space and internet bandwidth. The hub acquired more space in 2018 to accommodate the growing number of startups.

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HiveColab has partnered with SEACOM for a dedicated unlimited internet upgrade from 20Mbps to a whopping 100Mbps!

We believe this will go a long way in facilitating and driving innovators and developers in leveraging the internet and creating an impact in this country. – Read part of an official statement posted on their website.

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HiveColab aims at empowering youth, building her immediate community, tapping talent early and consequently joining hands with everyone in the ecosystem to change the world. This is being done through incubating startups and supporting them right from idea level to when the businesses are self-sufficient and competent enough to compete favorably in the market today. We (Dignited) are a testimony to this.

Fast internet means a strong signal, quicker cloud access of any applications and data that are cloud-based, supports multiple users and more so decreases stress – there is nothing more annoying than slow internet speeds. Not only is it stressful to constantly spend time waiting for websites to download, but a slow internet will increase the worry that work won’t get done in a timely manner.

This move is a great step in the right direction in supporting startups. HiveColab offers open space that’s free to all developers and tech entrepreneurs whose only requirement as members is to work on a project or look for a project to work on.

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