Top 5 Tools to Schedule Posts on Social Media

Having a presence on social media is very vital, especially for businesses and for individual who wish to be recognized as influencers. Various social media platforms have different peak times when their users are most active. Businesses and individuals who want to engage with as many audiences as possible, posting and interactions must be at these peak times. But keeping an active social presence without it taking a sizeable amount of your time is almost impossible.

This social media scheduling tool are very effective, you can operate your social account efficiently. They let you schedule and manage your social media posts.

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In this article, we have taken a look at some of the most reliable social media management tools available today.


Hootsuite is arguably the most popular social media management tool out there. it allows you to schedule posts to publish at your preferred time in the future. It offers a free plan which allows you to schedule 30 messages across 3 social media platforms. The paid plan ($30) allows unlimited scheduling across 10 social media platforms. Other paid plans include:

  • Monthly professional plan: $129
  • Business plan: $599

Each of them coming with additional features.


Buffer, just like Hootsuite allows you to schedule post for any social media platform. Its dashboard is really simple to use, and it gives you full customization of your posting schedule and the ability to view your analytics. Buffer has a mobile app and a web browser extension which makes it easy to add posts and web page links, titles and images.

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Buffer has a freemium model that allows you to post for free (up to 10 social updates), and a paid model that allows unlimited scheduling.


Sproutsocial is another well know and useful tool for social media management. It has a free trial for 30day, but after it expires, you should be prepared to pay between $90 and $249 per month to keep using all of its advanced features.


If the only social media platform you need to schedule posts on is Twitter, then Tweetdeck is the perfect one for you. And it is also free, which makes it better. Now fully owned by Twitter inc, Tweetdeck allows you to post on multiple twitter accounts.

Its dashboard allows you see tweets in an account’s Home feed, allows you see Notifications, Messages, Activity, and Mentions. 


SocialOomph is a very interesting tool because it helps you manage your twitter for free. It also has interesting features like scheduling and analytics, keeping your DM Twitter Inbox clean to help with increasing followers, ability to manage and schedule blog posts, track keywords, promote your profiles, and shorten URLs.

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