How to keep your Gmail inbox organised.

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In the fast-paced world that we live in, it’s really important to be organized and to be on top of things. Dwelling in chaos will only lead to inefficiency and confusion.

It’s no secret that we are in the Information Age and almost everything is done electronically, from bank transactions to even something as simple and mundane as emailing and communication. Because of this, our email inboxes become very active. And with greater activity comes the need to keep it organized at all times. But how is it done? 

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If you’re using Gmail, there are a lot of easy ways to keep your inbox in order. Here, we will discuss two of the most effective and commonly used ones. 

Install the Gmail App and enable push notifications

As mentioned in the introduction, our world now is very fast-paced. This means that the messages that you receive might only be relevant at the time that you receive it. It might be a limited offer from a store that you frequent or a sudden invite from friends. With this, it’s very clear that you really want to access your emails as soon as they arrive. 

There is one way to do that, and that is to install the Gmail app on your smartphone and turn on its push notifications, which can be converted to cash in a process called push monetization. This way, you still get notified even if you are not checking your email account. This allows for more real-time responding. 

Now, since you get to read emails as they arrive, it will be helpful if you delete or archive an email after you’ve responded to it. To delete, you just need to select the email that you want to get rid of, and then tap the Trash icon. To save it in your archives, select the email, and then tap the Archive icon. This icon looks like a box with a downward pointing arrow on it. 

Sort your emails according to your preference by creating folders

Oftentimes, we use our email to connect to a wide variety of audiences. We use it for job applications, store inquiries, and even just for exchanges with friends and family. Because of this, there is a need to sort the many emails that we get in order to keep track of them more effectively. This can be done by creating folders within the inbox. 

Now, for more ease and clarity, the instructions shared here will be for when Gmail is configured on a laptop or desktop PC. To create a new folder, just select an email that you want to sort, and then click the Move To icon. This icon looks like a folder with a rightward pointing arrow on it. This opens a list of existing folders. On the list, simply select the one that you want. 

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If you want to create a new folder, click Create New at the bottom of the list. This opens the New Label dialogue box. Enter the name of the new folder that you want to create and then click Create. The selected email will now be transferred automatically to the new folder that you created. 

Keeping emails organized requires effort. But thanks to technology, the effort now only means a few taps and clicks! There is now absolutely no excuse for a cluttered inbox!


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